Power to Change the World

Unlimited Electricity,
Has the patented technology to provide
renewable energy from wind and
magnetic repulsion turbine to power your home, business, car and boat.

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Welcome to Unlimited Electricity, home of the Infinity Power Generator™.

We are thrilled to announce the development of an all new power source, one that doesn't depend on costly fossil fuels, or fickle weather conditions. By harnessing the power of magnets, Unlimited Electricity has created a power generator that produces clean, safe, low-cost energy for decades.

Introducing the Infinity Power Generator™: the future of domestic energy production.

Once installed, the Infinity Power Generator™ can produce electrical power nonstop for close to 40 years. Because high quality magnets only depreciate around 1% per decade, it's possible that these generators will outlast all other alternative energy power suppliers.

Unlike solar and wind power, the Infinity Power Generator™ does not require specific weather conditions. It can function in virtually any environment and doesn't require expensive building modifications. Depending on your electricity needs, a typical suburban home can be powered by a generator that's smaller than a hot water heater.

Unlimited Electricity is currently developing a 5kW Infinity Power Generator™ prototype for testing purposes.

Preorders of this revolutionary product are available now! Secure a first generation Infinity Power Generator™ with a 10% deposit. For a limited time ALL EARLY ADOPTERS will receive a 25% discount on the finished product.

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The complete line of Infinity Power Generators™ will include a portable 1kw unit, 5kW unit, 10kW unit, 25kW unit, 50kW unit, 100kW unit, 250kW unit, 500kW unit, 750kW unit, 1MG unit and an integrated unit for alternative energy vehicles.

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