Power to Change the World

  Our Technology  

Unlike conventional electricity-producing technology that spins a coil around a contact point, the Infinity Power Generator™ utilizes the strength of finely tuned magnets to reverse the process, spinning a cylinder around the coil. In the process we have eliminated nearly all load-bearing and friction-producing contact points. The lack of friction means that these products require very little servicing, and can run continuously for decades at a time.

Clean, alternative energy can finally take its next step forward.

Small scale Infinity Power Generators™ are light and durable enough to be perfect for personal use in remote areas such as camping and hiking. With a wide range of power and flexible scalability, almost any electricity need can be met by our technology.

With a simple on/off switch, the Infinity Power Generator™ can be placed virtually anywhere, continuously providing, clean electricity for nearly 40 years.

Unlimited Electricity-- Power to Change the World™

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