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5kW Unit Deposit

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5kW Unit Deposit

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Pre-Order Infinity Power Generator™ from Unlimited Electricity, the Alternative Energy Company to Power your Home and Business.


Infinity Power Generators™ are available in four power output sizes depending on your needs. Deposits and pre-orders for the units are now available with anticipated delivery within six months to one year. The 5kW Infinity Power Generator™ is perfect for the average suburban American home. Electricity production can now occur within your home. The 5kW IPG system is approximately the size of a water heater and will fit into a space the size of a small closet. The 5kW IPG connects to your electrical panel using a DC to AC inversion box that will allow excess power to be transmitted to the electric grid. All electricity that exceeds your usage can be credited back to your utility bill from your local electric utility provider. Early adopters receive 25% off the purchase price, but you need to hurry as we only have a few remaining slots available for preorder sales. The 5kW Infinity Power Generator™ costs $25,000 per unit. To secure your preorder you only need to put 10% down ($2,500). Total remaining cost (after down payment and discount) to be paid at time of installation is $16,250. Installation and shipping not included. Payment plans are available.
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